The Trustworthy Voting Systems group at the University of Surrey continues the development of the Prêt à Voter system that is shown in my TED talk and that I describe on this website.

List of publications for David Bismark née Lundin:

  1. P. Y. A. Ryan, D. Bismark, J. Heather, S. Schneider and Z. Xia (2010), Prêt à voter: a voter-verifiable voting system, IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security – Special issue on electronic voting. This is a good summary of the technical state of the Prêt à Voter system.


  • The rest coming soon!

3 Responses to Publications

  1. The IEEE article does not seem to be publicly available. Is there a public description available?

    • David Bismark says:

      For copyright reasons (it is published by the IEEE and they stipulate this) I’m not able to publish the paper online nor to link to it directly – but if you google the title you will find a PDF of the paper elsewhere on the web.

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